As a provider of prototype equipment, SpecSys has developed an extensive and enviable expertise in the field of equipment testing. In the past, we have tested devices and machinery ranging from circuit boards to 135 ton rail cars. Our test procedures have run the spectrum from functional testing for malfunctioning electronic equipment to life-cycle testing of mature products. Whether your objective is quality assurance, failure mode analysis, or operational acceptability, SpecSys can bring our expertise to your table, develop a comprehensive plan to evaluate your situation and leave a well-documented analysis on the table when we are done.

We offer:

  • The ability to leverage our robust, high speed data acquisition systems
  • Accelerated life cycle testing (run-to-failure/endurance test) including a detailed log of maintenance, repairs and test duration
  • Comprehensive durability testing
  • Engine testing and qualification including limiting ambient temperature (LAT) also known as air-to-boil (ATB) testing
  • Extensive strain gauge capability with over 100 channel inputs
  • Guaranteed compliance with UL, EU, SAE, ASAE, ISO
  • A professional Test Report, proving a summary of the work performed along with results, conclusions and comprehensive information to allow the test to be repeated by your team in the future

Test Planning

At SpecSys, we develop a Test Plan as the first step in the testing process. A Test Plan will identify the scope of the test project including test procedures.

SpecSys Test Plans include the following:

  • Purpose (Reason) for test - goal
  • Requirements (developed or industry mandated)
  • Duration of test
  • Environmental requirements
  • Loading and power requirements
  • Data to be collected/sampling frequency
  • Discussion points

Test Preparation and Execution

Test Preparation is the phase in which all requirements to execute the test are identified and satisfied, including types of sensors, location of monitoring devices and data collection tools to be utilized. We will:

  • Design and construct your unique test fixtures
  • Configure the unit for testing and install all required sensors and instrumentation
  • Offer extended testing options
  • Offer manufacturing and fabrication support
  • Provide engineering design support
  • After Test Execution is complete, the results and/or data are analyzed to draw conclusions and produce recommendations. This phase often suggest additional tests and/or alterations to the test unit.

The following are examples of the many different types of parameters we test every day.

SpecSys' testing capabilities allow for a wide range of tests to be performed on various types of equipment.


  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Power

Fluid Power

  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow


  • Strain Gauges
  • Load Cells
  • Fatigue

PLC Setups

  • Custom Programs
  • Unlimited Options

Life Cycle

  • Normal/Accelerated Wear
  • Inspection/Measurement
  • Speed/RPM
  • Cycle Count
  • Failure Sequence


  • Sound Level
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Humidity

Click HERE for a sample Test report

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