Every project begins with an idea. At SpecSys, we take your idea and bring it to life. We have expertise in multiple industries, such as Construction, Railroad, Forestry, Mining, Agriculture, Material Handling, Oil and Energy, allowing us to adopt and\or adapt concepts from other industries, bringing new ideas to new industries. In turn, we leverage the client's expertise and resources to provide a congruent solution. We are able to flex labor across multiple facilities and technical teams to bring your product to market on a fast track at lower cost.

Whether the idea is in pre-infancy stage or already captured in prints, we can take that concept and give you the finished product you envisioned and make it real. Every day we deliver:

  • Specification Development
  • Conceptual and Detailed Designs
  • Design Drafting
  • Styling
  • Systems and Structural Testing, FEA
  • Print Generation
  • BOM Development
  • Vendor Support and Supplier Selection
  • Tech Pubs
  • Project Management

Project Management is critical to Engineering and Manufacturing for On-Time and On-Budget execution. We believe frequent and efficient communication is key to the success of your design and ultimately your product. Our Vision Statement, “Embrace those who respect, honor and value relationships”, is the cornerstone of how we approach your product and how we communicate with you and your team throughout the life of the project. We believe the following phased deliverables ensure we deliver On Time and On Budget:

  • Project kickoff meeting to ensure both teams understand the scope and deliverable of the project
  • Weekly Project team meetings
  • Monthly Executive Summary
  • Milestone review meetings
  • MS Project timelines

Design Detail

While we are in the Concept Design phase we will:

  • Conduct Project kick off meeting so both teams understand project expectations
  • Develop performance and configuration specifications
  • Develop preliminary 3-D models which:
    • Illustrate overall layout and feasibility
    • May illustrate multiple concepts that will be further refined in the detail design phase
    • Meet standards identified by the client
  • Conduct preliminary FEA to prove feasibility
  • Develop Concept Design booklet
  • Hold Concept Design Review meeting to discuss features and benefits of each concept

During the Detail Design phase we will:

  • Conduct Project kick off meeting to review concept and expectations of the project
  • Complete all engineering and analysis to document all project requirements
  • Conduct Finite Element Analysis
  • Perform 3-D modeling
  • Produce Bill of Materials
  • Deliver Detail Design booklet
  • Hold Detail Design Review meeting

Print Development

SpecSys will develop prints for you, including:

  • Top level weldment drawings
  • Top level assembly drawings
  • Individual fabrication drawings
  • Electrical schematics
Design Concept

CAD Development

SpecSys has decades of experience working with a variety of CAD platforms. We offer you the flexibility of having us work within your software platform, utilizing your design and modeling standards to ensure compatability and compliance. All of our CAD development is based on parametric (3D) modeling software which conveys design intent more effectively which helps alleviate any design misconceptions later in the project.

The following are examples of CAD systems we are extremely competent in using:

  • PTC - Wildfire, CREO
  • Design Space
  • Solid Edge
  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • AutoCAD
  • ANSYS Workbench
  • Draftsight
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